Best Science and Engineering Startups to Watch In 2022

By: | March 23rd, 2022

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Every year, tons of different startups are launched, also with the ability to disrupt the workforce. We studied a total of 1738 worldwide engineering startups and scaleups to offer you a head start on upcoming technologies and businesses that will influence the electronics sector in 2022. Since the constant development of the technology sector worldwide, dozens of startups are appearing as great solutions for doing business. As many legitimate writing companies frequently write about startups, it just shows their credibility at the moment. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the most exciting startups to keep an eye on this year.

Alicia Bots

Roverclean 1.0, an autonomous non-linear and non-independent robot for the marine, subsea, and oil industry, is offered by Alicia Bots, a US-based firm. It has controllers, wheel bristles, elevated pumps, and magnetic wheels, and may be used for hull cleaning, firefighting, and corrosion detection, among other things. It also employs AI to improve vessel hull inspection and biofouling detection. This allows shipowners to enhance hull resistance and, as a result, fuel efficiency. Alicia Bots optimizes monitoring and repair procedures while guaranteeing worker safety, as opposed to human hull inspections, which restrict performance and are unsafe.


Alexis Borisy founded the firm in 2019, and you may recall his name as the creator of another notable biotechnology startup, CombinatoRx. In short, EQRx’s main goal, like that of other biotech firms, is to change the pharmaceutical sector. The problem they want to rectify seems to be the overvalued and mostly unsustainable rates of such substances, especially for late-stage cancer drugs, in the hopes of making these valuations extra usable to everyone. It’s another high-quality startup that you’ll not regret keeping an eye on throughout this year.

Cygnus Semi

Cygnus Semi seems to be a Chinese business that develops 5G processors for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The startup’s patented method provides 5G-capable processors with high-level data transport capabilities. To provide high bandwidth data transfer, thus it enables digital interface connecting options such as small PCIe modules. This enables businesses and smart buildings, including transit systems to reap the benefits of the Internet of Things without experiencing network or processing outages. Because existing processors are incapable of handling the transfer of data at 5G speeds, the startup’s technology also aids in 5G adaptability.


Some may classify NotCo as a bioscience “startup” even though it was founded in 2015. Nonetheless, their year-over-year exponential growth is obvious, landing them on FastCompany’s 2021 Top Inventive List of the most well-known firms. NotCo’s new $360 million Pre-seed fundraising round has just accelerated its already impressive trajectory. This startup aims to remove necessary livestock in the food preparation area using ai-based and learning techniques technologies. NotCo is at the top of the list of businesses worth observing for a variety of reasons, including the fact that animal welfare and dietary choices are at the vanguard among the most prominent social problems.

Treo Engineering

A 1000-word essay or even longer one probably won’t be enough to describe how Treo Engineering has developed through the last years in particular. Treo develops a single-station automatic vehicle wash system that is fully automated. Under the brand name “FourWin – Robotic Auto Detailing System,” it is the first firm to introduce a Touchless Robotic Car Wash System. FourWin develops robotic car wash systems, bike wash systems, mat cleaners, water treatment plants, vacuum cleaners, car dryers, and consumables that are automated, cost-effective, and high-quality. It has a production plant in Pune and a clientele that includes major automobile resellers stations for car manufacturers like Hyundai, Ford, Honda, and a lot more.

Umoja Biopharma

Umoja Biopharma, a firm founded in November 2020, is rapidly expanding, having already broken ground on production facilities and expanding internal capabilities, due in part to a $210 million Class B fundraising round. Umoja’s innovative approach to immunotherapy is one of the main reasons it’s a startup to keep an eye on. Regardless of its relevance to today’s global context in terms of pandemic and immunological health, Umoja aims to re-engineer one’s digestive response with the primary objective of battling COVID-19, malignant tumors, and other diseases.


Elemental, a German corporation, creates LTA drones for data collection, freight transport, and humanitarian help. The airship-as-drone technology developed by the firm blend’s thermodynamics, floating, and engine boosts to extend the distance and flying combustion. Elemental Future’s drones also have autonomous operations, which improves performance and reduces work hours. Unlike traditional drones, which are pricey and require a launcher, the startup’s LTA aircraft wouldn’t require electricity for launch, decreasing the drones’ dependency on electric power and allowing them to fly for longer periods.

PTC Industries

PTC Industries began as a tiny, family-owned business around 1963 (Highly precise Toolkits & Billet Ltd) and has since grown into a globally recognized foundry. PTC was one of India’s earliest investment casting foundries, and it now provides a variety of molding technologies. PTC has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to absorbing and creating new technology. PTC received the coveted Grand Prize in the Enterprise in November 2006 for the effective integration of exploitation of Replicast® technology. This startup company has evolved into a significant supplier of castings, machined components, and manufactured products to several of the world’s most reputable firms, including Emerson, Metso, and others.


Whereas the ranking of bioscience as well as technology entrepreneurs to monitor only includes a small portion of the industry’s potential, it should serve as a reminder of the industry’s potential short and long term. The very next wave of innovation has here, and they intend to leave an indelible mark. Keep an eye on the startups presented to be informed about the world’s future leaders. With that in mind, it’s also a good idea to look at the many other firms not included in this article.

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