AUG Skins in Counter-Strike 2 and CS:GO: Prices and Design

By: | August 26th, 2023

AUG | Arctic Wolf in CS:GO

The gaming community is on the edge of its seat with the announcement of Counter-Strike 2. Valve’s unveiling of CS2 promises a load of innovations that will redefine the gaming experience. Key improvements like responsive smoke, advancements beyond the tick rate, and a leveled-up virtual world have gamers counting down the days till release. While the new features are thrilling, another aspect has captured players’ attention: the evolution of skins.

Comparing AUG Skins: CS:GO vs. CS2

As we turn our attention to the AUG skins, it’s fascinating to observe the evolution from CS:GO to CS2. Four prominent AUG skins—Chameleon, Akihabara Accept, Stymphalian, and Arctic Wolf—showcasing the design prowess that has flourished in both iterations.

AUG | Chameleon in CS:GO

In CS:GO, the Chameleon skin boasts a captivating blend of iridescent green colors with a hunting chameleon on the stock. Its appearance in CS2 takes the brilliance to another level, with enhanced color gradients and intricate detailing that elevate the skin’s visual impact.

AUG | Akihabara Accept in CS:GO

Akihabara Accept, renowned for its anime-inspired design in CS:GO, embraces a new level of artistry in CS2. The design seamlessly integrates with the game’s evolved visuals, with improved textures and animations that breathe life into the skin.

AUG | Stymphalian in CS:GO

Stymphalian’s mythological allure finds new expression in CS2. The feathered motif has added depth and realism, creating a tactile texture that enhances the overall aesthetic.

AUG | Arctic Wolf in CS:GO

Lastly, the Arctic Wolf skin’s transformation epitomizes the leap from CS:GO to CS2. The pattern texture is remarkably refined, capturing the essence of the animal it represents with a level of detail that was previously unattainable.

Price Prospects

Turning our attention to price points, AUG skins have enjoyed healthy market demand in CS:GO. Prices for these skins have recently witnessed a rise of around 20–30%, reflective of the growing interest in weapon customization.

As CS2’s release approaches, the forecast for AUG skin prices remains optimistic. The enhanced visual quality and immersive experience offered by CS2 are expected to drive an increase in demand for skins, particularly those with intricate designs. As a result, it’s conceivable that AUG skins, including the aforementioned Chameleon, Akihabara Accept, Stymphalian, and Arctic Wolf, may experience a similar price surge.

CS2 and Skin Trading

The evolution of AUG skins underlines the dedication to detail and design excellence that the franchise is known for. For players looking to acquire or trade AUG skins, a trading platform remains essential. As the demand for skins grows, established platforms like DMarket provide a secure and convenient marketplace for enthusiasts to engage in trading skins, ensuring that players can seamlessly access and exchange these visually captivating assets.

Whether in CS:GO or CS2, these skins add a personalized touch to the virtual battlefield, while also offering potential investment opportunities in the ever-evolving market of skin trading. As players gear up to embrace the future of competitive gaming, the allure of AUG skins shines brightly on the horizon.


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