Apple’s New $2B Data Command Center to Manufacture Data Equipment in US

By: | March 4th, 2017

Apple Data Center

Apple Data Center (Image Courtesy Apple

Two of the world’s most advanced high-tech manufacturing areas are Taiwan and China. Manufactured products from these countries used to be on the “low-tech” end of the high-technology spectrum, but that has all changed. Gone are the days of high manufactured error rates on all products as the Chinese have learned, through sheer volume and consistent effort, to improve product quality.

Apple Seeking to Manufacture Data Center in the US

High-tech manufacturing in the United States, on the other hand, has become rarer. However, Apple recently applied for permission to manufacture data center equipment in Mesa, Arizona, and their request is published in the Federal Register. Apple’s facility in Mesa will become its global data command center that will also manufacture data center cabinets. According to Apple, the data center equipment in question will be used around the world at similar data centers that will connect to the Mesa, Arizona site.

The manufacturing of data center equipment by Apple in the US would come with an exemption from certain customs duty payments on foreign sourced materials and components.

The following video explains the transformation of a closed Apple facility into a new data center. According to the USTV:

“Apple said Monday it will invest $2 billion over 10 years to open a data center in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa that will be the company’s fifth in the U.S. and serve as a control facility for the other four.”

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