Amazon Introduces 3D Printing Store

By: | August 3rd, 2014

Amazon 3D Printer Store

Amazon has introduced a brand new 3D Printing Store that allows the customization of a wide variety of products from iPhone cases to custom bobbleheads.

Currently, there are over 200 print-on-demand products featured in the store, all of which are printed by a third party 3D-printing business.

Amazon allows you to place the order but will have no involvement in the manufacturing/fulfillment of the 3D printed items as they look to expand the market for 3D printed products.

Clément Moreau, CEO of the 3D-printing company Scupteo, says, “The online customer shopping experience will be redefined through 3D printing. A customer’s wants are no longer limited to what is in stock but instead by what they can imagine.”

Marshall Smith

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