AI’s Lucrative Evolution In Beauty Industry And Job Displacement Concerns

By: | August 6th, 2023

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The AI market in the cosmetics industry is currently a lucrative industry, amounting to billions of dollars. Experts in the field expect an exponential growth rate of 20 to 30% over the next five years.

In San Francisco, a pioneering startup named Clockwork aims to transform the beauty service experience through its cutting-edge AI-powered robots. Co-founder and CEO Renuka Apte revealed that the concept arose from her personal frustration with salon appointments.

AI’s integration into the beauty industry tackles traditional salon limitations and challenges.

The incorporation of AI in the beauty industry serves as a solution to traditional salon constraints and issues. AI robots ensure a consistent level of service, eradicating human errors while performing tasks with precision and efficiency.

Additionally, AI utilization in beauty treatments enables customization and personalization. Equipped with advanced algorithms and sensors, these robots analyze individual skin types, offering personalized recommendations. This heightened level of personalization enhances the customer experience and leads to superior outcomes.

AI is transforming the beauty industry, reaching beyond skincare and nail salons to hair salons. AI-powered tools can identify hair types and offer personalized styling recommendations. This integration allows for faster, more personalized services, enhancing the overall beauty experience. As AI advances, further improvements and innovations are expected in the industry.

However, this has also sparked concerns about potential job displacements.

AI beauty solutions offer convenience and precision, but job displacement concerns arise among lash artists and nail technicians. The National Association of Lash Artists acknowledges these fears but sees potential in attracting new clientele for lash extensions with robots. Apte clarifies that these machines are for express services and not a substitute for the skilled human professionals’ full experience.

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