Aero-X Hoverbike Takes Off in 2017 with Grounding $85,000 Price Tag

By: | May 22nd, 2014

Aerofex is now accepting down payments for its $85,000 Aero-X hoverbike. Photo © Aerofex

Engineering company Aerofex is about to blow your mind with its new invention, the Aero-X hover bike. The incredible vehicle can fly upwards of 10 feet off the ground at 45 mph for approximately 75 minutes!

More Aero-X Hover Bike Features:

  • Two passenger vehicle
  • Can carry up to 310 pounds
  • Travels at an altitude of 12 feet
  • Lightweight carbon fiber frames
  • Fan blades
  • Three 240 horsepower three-rotor rotary engines
  • Intuitive control system

Set to hit the market in 2017, this baby will run you $85,000 but at least you’ll be broke with an awesome ride!



Test Flight:


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