A&D Industry’s “Regional Strength” Flying High in Washington State

By: | October 15th, 2013

IndustryTap recently wrote: “The World Would Be Much Better If We Had 50 More Silicon Valleys”, “Chennai, India Quickly Becoming The Worlds Top Automobile Producer” and “Robotics Revolution In Full Swing: A Sampling of Over 200 Robotics Startups.” What makes Silicon Valley special is its combination of money, talent & technology. What makes Chennai special is its focus on one industry: automobiles. What makes Boston special is its ability to evolve from leadership in one industry, personal computers from 1980-2000, to a new one, robotics. Each “hot” geographic area brings a combination of factors together creating unique synergies.

Aerospace & Defense in the US Northwest

Another example of a high concentration of companies is the differentiated Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry in the US Northwest, especially in the state of Washington. The image below shows a commercial airline and Washington companies supplying its various parts. There are approximately 500 companies in the A&D industry in Washington state, giving it considerable impetus to maintain and grow this industry.

The US A&E industry is spread out, having a presence in Maryland, Florida, California and many other areas; in all of them, concentration of these companies has a positive “spillover” effect.


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