A Comprehensive Guide on The Best Node.js Application Examples

By: | July 1st, 2020

Image by Boskampi from Pixabay

When it comes to building simple, and user-friendly mobile apps, Node.js. needs no introduction. It’s a powerful open-source server environment that uses JavaScript. This tool is widely used by lots of startups and prestigious companies.

Apps developed with the help of Node.js are easy to use, powerful, flexible, multi-featured, and extremely fast. Therefore, hundreds of world-leading companies prefer Node.js to its main competitors.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll have a look at the main and probably the most effective Node.js application examples that are a household word today.

Node.js is a runtime environment that enables programmers to write code on the server side. That’s why apps built with Node.js are fast and scalable. This tool enables coders to use scripts of codes that have already been written in other languages. Due to this option, app development is faster and easier. Programmers can save their precious time and built flexible and fast software solutions.

Let’s move on to discussing the best and probably the most effective Node.js app examples. We bet you are already using some of them!


You will hardly find a person who has never heard of this incredible service. It’s the biggest global video content platform. And this tool is built using Node.js.

Moreover, due to Node.js, Netflix improved its performance. By combining Java and Node.js on the backend, this project managed to develop restify instances and make the app run faster. Overall, thanks to this framework, Netflix managed to increase its revenue. Statistically, the company reported revenue of over 10 billion dollars in North America, in 2019.


Though LinkedIn is less popular as compared to its main competitor Facebook, this social networking website pursues the other goal – it helps people find a job. It’s a well-known business networking system that includes more than 450 million users from all over the globe.

In 2019, their annual revenue was almost 7 billion US dollars. Four years ago, this service was sold to Microsoft for more than 25$ billion!

The mobile app backend of this platform is built with Nude.js. They chose this framework due to the scale and performance that it can give. Thanks to the functionality of Nude.js, the LinkedIn mobile app runs faster, and its servers cut down from 16 to 4.




When discussing the best Node.js applications, we couldn’t pass by this cool service. It’s a well-known and extremely popular publishing platform that’s developed with the help of this framework. It uses Node JS for web servers. However, coders also used Matador as a clear framework for their environment.

Now, a few words about the service. Medium makes boast of more than 25 million readers every month. Tons of incredibly interesting posts appear on its pages every week. Its backend structure is service-oriented and due to Node.js, the platform can easily share code between server side and client. Moreover, the use of this framework allowed programmers to accelerate deployment times.


You couldn’t even guess but this framework is also used by NASA. Yes, you read that right! NASA made a decision to develop its own end-to-end data system. To achieve that goal, they used Node.js. This tool was used as an enterprise-scale architecture. As a result, they managed to reduce access time and now, they have one database for everything.


Modern project managers can’t do without powerful and multi-featured PM tools and Trello is one of them. This tool hit the market nine years ago and still, it remains a must-have solution for thousands of project managers.

The server part of Trello is built with Node.js. They needed numerous open connections support and this is probably the main reason why they chose this framework. Prototyping is another reason. Trello’s programmers chose Node.js because of the simple and quick development process and the capability to reuse the code. Their mockup server and a mobile app are built with Node.js. Though on the surface, the functionality of Trello looks very simple, indeed, tons of work is handled by its server.


When talking about huge retail companies, Walmart has the upper hand. In other words, it’s a leader among modern online ecommerce applications. First, the developers of this tool struggled with memory leak for half a year. After that, they decided to use JavaScript services and Node.js is one of them. Due to this tool, Walmart runs faster and allows its users to get more accurate results. Moreover, thanks to a range of features offered by Node.js, coders can easily build new APIs for Walmart applications and run them faster. As a result, developers spend less time working on the project and the release time significantly decreases.

We’ve just reviewed the best and probably the most sought after Node.js examples. This list is definitely longer. PayPal, Uber, GoDaddy are also based on Node.js.

Coders prefer this tool due to the great potential it gives to both users and developers. Moreover, not only giant corporations can use it. It’s a superb solution for startups because it enables them to significantly cut costs on development. Therefore, if you are still hesitating what framework to use and whether it is worth investment, Node.js is exactly what you need!


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