7 Well Designed High Tech Drones Available Today

By: | March 24th, 2016

Following are 7 of the coolest drones available today among literally hundreds now available on the market. The central theme is easy operability, sleek designs, and built-in automation systems. First up is the Parrot Hydrofoil.

    • Parrot Hydrofoil – a hybrid drone for water and air, floats 5 to 6 cm above the water.

    • Snap Drone – great, easy to use video drone with a cutting-edge Sony Exmor IMX 377 1/2.3″ camera, smart tracking, smooth-Locke Gimbel, Meg connect, smart battery, easy picture taking, and more.

    • The Fotokite – Makes aerial filming easy. Uses a lightweight tethered flying camera system for professional use. No piloting skills necessary.

    • Parrot Disco – first-person view available to live stream video, lightweight, robust design, maximum maneuverability and flight speed. Flight time over 45 minutes due to 2700 mAh battery. Record or stream videos. Detachable wings for easy transport

    • Loon Copter – a multi-rotor platform for traditional aerial flight, on-water surface operation, and sub-aquatic diving. Won the 2016 UAE Drones for Good competition in Dubai.

    • EHang Ghost 2.0 – Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) that is safe, smart, eco-friendly, and has low-altitude capabilities. Provides medium-short distance communications and transportation.

    • Autel X-Star Premium – Easy to fly, quiet copter for aerial imagery. Has 4K camera, integrated with three-axis stabilized gimbal and records Ultra HD videos and 12 MP photos.

David Russell Schilling

David enjoys writing about high technology and its potential to make life better for all who inhabit planet earth.

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