7 Reasons Why Scales Are a Crucial Part of the Construction Industry

By: | June 30th, 2020

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

For an industry that has to deal with all sorts of construction-related heavy materials on a regular basis, it is salient to measure them properly before transporting them for better accuracy and efficiency of the materials.

Without proper scales, workers are liable to over or under weigh the materials before putting them in use, thus creating a possibility of future accidents. If not accidents, the company may face increased expenses if the workers under weigh the materials and order more than required. 

A Brief History of Scales

From using hands and feet as a measurement index to the inception of sundials, hourglasses, and the most basic balancing beams, there has been significant importance of scales in the history of Mankind.

From then, with the technological advances, digital scales were invented that would give more precise readings than the analog scales which is still common but used only for household chores. For materials or products that are huge in size and will likely be difficult for the human being to measure analogically, digital scales have been the most functional. 

Recently, ultra-precision scales are now replacing digital scales in industries where high precision is imperative e.g construction, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. Such scales have features for counting the smaller materials uncountable by humans, like checking if the flow rate is constant, whether the filling amount is accurate, and so on.

Since digital scales give a round off value, it may not be able to detect the smallest deviations that are crucial for the formulations or productions of such products. With the perfect scale, any business in the construction field will flourish significantly.  If you are in the construction business and have not invested in a proper scaling machine yet, here are 7 reasons why your business needs one.

1)  Cost-Effective

If you invest in truck and weighbridge scales, you will observe how much you are actually saving money. With the scales’ cutting-edge technology, you will be getting your work done with half the time and resources.

You can forget about getting fined for overweight materials. With that money being saved, you can either keep it for the future or invest in your business for expansion.

Are you not sure where to find reliable and high-quality industrial scales for sale? Arlyn Scales has a wide range of scales of all sorts. You can search there for scales according to your requirements and find the one you have been looking for.

2)  Better Precision

In the construction industry, your area of concern is not only the volume of the construction materials needed but the exact amount that is needed as well. Even the slightest deviations can cause an unfortunate accident. If you use firm load cells, you will be able to transport the exact amount needed.

With the load cells, precision is always guaranteed because they are highly sensitive to weights and thus provides the most accurate readings.

3) Easy Installation

Installing a scale, especially the portable ones are the easiest of all. Within a few minutes of the installation, you will be reading off the weights! All you have to do is lay the weighbridge scales and set up the terminal.

Since the weights are smaller in size, it does not require a group of people to install it.

4) Mobile And Practical

Although the terms like terminal and weighbridge sound like something that will be heavy and immobile, these scales are very compact. They are light enough to be carried with you on the go.

The terminals of these truck scales are portable, which further increases the convenience and flexibility of these scales. In addition, some of the scales have LCD panels and built-in memory storage, which can store/print the weighing stats over the day or per project. This is important as it will help to keep physical evidence and records. 

5) Customization Is Easy

Due to its adaptable and expandable qualities, you can add or detach the important or unimportant features in the scale. This way, your scale will be customized to your business requirements and will get the job done faster.

With the customization, you are able to ensure that you are utilizing the scale fully and being cost-efficient by not keeping the unnecessary features idle.

6) Ensures Safety

As the materials will be measured precisely, the chances of accidents occurring from overweighting the construction materials or using inaccurate amounts will be reduced significantly.

7) Computerized Display

Along with weighing, the display can show additional features like time taken to load them according to weight, sort all the weight readings according to material type, etc.

With these features, you can know which materials can be loaded and in the most efficient way possible to minimize their giveaways.

Final Thoughts

We hope after reading the benefits, you are encouraged to purchase and install these scales on your business premises. Although the non –portable ones may cost more, it will be cost-efficient in the long run, and ultimately, isn’t that the goal anyway?


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