6 Compelling Reasons to Adopt Agile Methodology When Developing Android Apps

By: | September 20th, 2021

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Are you thinking of developing an Android app? If not, you should be. Android apps strengthen customer engagement, increase accessibility, provide value to customers, and transform customer experiences. They also boost competitiveness and build brand awareness and recognition. Given these benefits—and Android’s marketplace dominance—it makes sense to develop an Android app for your business.

But finding a developer that provides the right Android application development services and fits your specific needs is challenging. You want a development partner that has in-depth experience building Android apps and works hard to understand a client’s business. Plus, you want a developer proficient in the Agile software development method (ASD).

Why ASD? Because the benefits it provides are compelling. Below are the top six benefits of adopting ASD for Android app development:

1. Boosts software quality

ASD breaks projects into manageable units, allowing developers to zero in on application development, testing, and collaboration. Agile also lets developers find and fix defects quickly and identify expectation mismatches early on.

2. Enhances project collaboration

ASD increases the chances of collaborating between development teams. ASD also creates a free flow of information, helps the developer understand the client’s vision, and deliverers software versions early and frequently, increasing interest in the finished product.

3. Provides predictable delivery

Fixing iteration development times at 1 to 4 weeks allows development teams to deliver new software features quickly and cost-effectively. It also increases the chances of releasing (or beta testing) the software earlier than first planned.

4. Allows for more changes

Creating software iteratively enables developers to refine and re-prioritize the overall product, especially backlogged items. Changes can be planned for the next iteration, supplying an opportunity to introduce more changes in a few short weeks.

5. Boosts customer satisfaction

Adopting Agile boosts client satisfaction by keeping the client involved and engaged throughout the project. Plus, it helps developers deliver products to market quicker and more often with new versions.

6. Spurs cost control

Completing projects in fixed, scheduled iterations helps developers limit costs to the work performed during each iteration. It also helps clients understand the basic costs of each feature, improving decision-making about the priority of the software’s features.

These are just a few reasons to partner with a developer proficient in the ASD method when building an Android app. Finding a developer that also provides best-in-class Android application development services and works hard to understand your business isn’t easy. But the work pays off by providing you an Android app that can not only boost competitiveness but transforms your business as well.


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