$5 Million for just 6 Hours: Celebrities Go Chatbot for Meta!

By: | October 22nd, 2023

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At present, chatbots are confined to text-based interactions; however, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, envisions expanding their capabilities to include video interactions. A recent onstage demonstration by Meta showcased its AI assistant feature, based on the likeness of some of the most famous people.

Meta’s Splurging Millions to Make Celebs Silly AI Chatbots!

Meta has not released many details about the project, but it is believed that the US tech giant is paying as much as $5 million for six hours of work in a studio to one such celebrity.

Some of the celebrities who have agreed to this include Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady, YouTube creator James “Mr Beast” Donaldson, and TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

Chatbots: Multifaceted Uses and A Star-Studded Future

These versatile chatbots will serve customer support, answer inquiries, and even amuse users. Meta’s grand plan includes leveraging them to pioneer novel celebrity interactions.

Meta’s celebrity chatbot venture has stirred diverse responses

Enthusiasts see fresh avenues for engaging with celebrities and practical services. But critics worry about privacy issues, the spread of misinformation, and ethical concerns. Moreover, chatbots could be used for creating deceptive deepfakes.

The success of Meta’s project is uncertain, but it underscores the company’s significant AI-driven transformation in how we interact with the world.

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