4 Most Common App Development Mistakes

By: | January 31st, 2022

Image Credit: Pixabay

Apps are one of the most popular forms of passive income in our digital world. You can create an app, sell it or offer in-app purchases, and make money even while you sleep.

The hardest part is ensuring your app is fully functional. Not everyone who creates an app will enjoy success, nor will they encounter a problem-free development process. Here are some of the most common app development mistakes everyday app creators make.

Not Enough Testing

You can read more about easy, convenient autonomous testing with AI-driven functional tests online, and it may be worth your while to do so when you realize not undertaking enough tests is a common mistake during the app development process.

Testing is crucial to ensure all features and parts of your app work as they should and equal a memorable app user experience. However, all too often, users report frustrating bugs that mar their experience and put them off using the app altogether.

You may not be able to iron out all issues before your app is released to the public, but you may at least be able to make sure the core parts are functional.

Not Researching the Market

Before spending a fortune on app development and going through the testing process, make sure it’s an app someone wants in the first place. Just as a company would research the market and audience before launching a new product, an app developer should do the same.

For example, if you plan to release an app that allows you to measure radiation, make sure there are people who want such an app in the first place. If there’s no demand, you may not make back the money you invested, which means the project may have all been for nothing.

Not Researching App Platforms

Once your app has reached the point of being ready for the public to enjoy, you’ll need to choose a platform from which to sell or offer it. Android and iOS app stores can both be very different from each other and provide different levels of success.

Studies have found that you are more likely to be wealthy if you own an iOS product, which means those who browse Apple app stores may have more disposable income to spend on apps than those using Android app stores.

Keeping wealth levels in mind, in-app purchases may provide you with more lucrative results with Apple, while you may earn more ad revenue with Android.

Not Prioritizing a Positive User Experience

Sometimes, you can be so busy focusing on making sure your app has cool features that you forget to fine-tune them. This can lead to app users experiencing lagging, long load times, complex and time-consuming registration processes, and inaccessible features.

Using AI to test all app features may help you identify these issues and iron them out, but it’s crucial to make the user experience one of your core priorities from the very start of the app development process.

Whether you’re creating an app to identify radiation or one that has fun games to play, you may not always enjoy a smooth creation experience. Before you get started, consider these common mistakes above so that you can be in a much better position to avoid them.


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