26-Year-Old Electric Car Speed Record Demolished By This Vehicle…

By: | August 26th, 2014

The University of New South Wales Australia has a long history of researching and testing electric vehicles, and they just set the record for the fastest electric vehicle over a long distance.

The vehicle, called the Sunswift, beat a 26-year old record by traveling over 62 mph for more than 300 miles (500 kilometers)!

The previous record held by an electric vehicle went the same distance but only at an average speed of 45 mph.

Project director Hayden Smith said in a statement, “500 kilometers is pretty much as far as a normal person would want to drive in a single day. It’s another demonstration that one day you could be driving our car.”

While the feature wasn’t used to set the record, the coolest aspect of the Sunswift is the fact that the vehicle’s roof is covered in solar panels allowing it to be charged continuously.

Michael Cooney

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