With More Than 4 Billion Years Experience, Is Nature The Best Engineer?

By: | June 11th, 2013

National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge – Sustainability

Building sustainable societies using nature as a model is one of humanities great challenges and is a key to our future according to the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge which produced the following video. Following are some of its highlights:

  • Nature is the best engineer there is; nature has a 4 billion year track record
  • Nature knows how to extract energy from the environment better than any human engineer knows how to do
  • What’s more important than sustainability?
  • Preparing for the post “fossil fuel” world
  • Synthetic biology – taking nature and building organisms to generate biofuels.
  • Re-engineering kitchen yeast that make ethanol to make “drop in” fuels
  • Creating better energy storage facilities
  • Building more efficient and cheaper solar cells
  • Engineers moving society forward

David Russell Schilling

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