YouTuber Creates Electromagnetic Thor Mjölnir Hammer Only He Can Lift

By: | October 24th, 2015

YouTube/Sufficiently Advanced

I’m willing to bet that anyone who is aware of Thor and has seen the films or read the comic books would do just about anything to have their own mighty Mjölnir Hammer.

While toy replicas of Thor’s hammer are great and all, they don’t exactly function like the real thing seeing as how anyone can lift them.

However, YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced successfully created the closest thing to a real-life Mjölnir Hammer by constructing a hammer with a built-in battery-powered electromagnet and a thumbprint reader.

When placed on a metal surface, nobody can lift the hammer except for him when it recognizes his fingerprint.

The video below is hilariously awesome as numerous people on the street attempt to lift the hammer to no avail.

Marshall Smith

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