The World’s Longest Indoor Ski Slope Will Be Built in the Desert Kingdom of Dubai

By: | August 9th, 2015

Meydan City Corporation

This week, the Gulf emirate announced plans to build a 40 million square foot complex known as Meydan One in the desert kingdom of Dubai.

The complex will be home to the world’s tallest residential building and the world’s largest dancing fountain.

Ironically, the desert will also feature the world’s longest indoor ski slope at .75 miles long, approximately three times longer than Dubai’s current indoor slope, and about twice as long as the current record holder in Germany.

The Meydan One Complex is estimated to cost upwards of $6.8 billion and is slated to be finished before 2020.

Incredibly, even though temperatures outside can hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit, snow will be produced year-round in order to make the world’s longest indoor ski slope a must-see attraction.

“We have committed to developing a multi-use destination which goes beyond expectations and will cater to every kind of person living and working here, as well as those who travel from around the world to visit,” Saeed Al Tayer, chairman of the Meydan City Corporation, told The National. “This development is a forward thinking, interactive enterprise geared towards the Dubai of tomorrow.”

Meydan One Features:

  • 350-room hotel
  • Marina
  • Mall with a retractable roof and 300 restaurants
  • Record-breaking residential tower standing 2,333 feet high
  • 1,378-foot-long dancing fountain
  • Capable of housing more than 78,000 residents
Meydan City Corporation

Meydan City Corporation

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