World’s Largest Vertical Farm Coming to Old Steel Mill in Newark, New Jersey

By: | March 16th, 2015

Vertical farms are becoming more and more popular, and as new-school urban farming takes off, bigger sites are following.

A group of investors led by Goldman Sachs is financing the construction of what is set to cement its spot as the largest indoor vertical farm in the world.

The coolest part of the project is not the massive size, but the fact that the vertical farm will be constructed inside of an old steel mill.

The location will also be home to the headquarters of a New York company called AeroFarms, who specialize in entirely cutting out soil and sun to feed plants, depending instead on LEDs and the constant circulation of air and nutrient mist to give plants energy.

By utilizing this process, AeroFarms claims they use “95 percent less water” than traditional methods and the results are better plants in a swifter amount of time.

The $30 million project is part of a movement in major cities to install vertical farms to eliminate the potential for food scarcity due to factors like harsh winters.

Image demonstrating how the world’s largest vertical farm will function:

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