World’s Largest Renewable Energy Projects – Slide Show

By: | February 26th, 2013

Off Shore Wind Farms:

Walney Wind Farm

Walney Wind Farm

  • The Walney Wind Farm in the UK was the largest offshore wind farm in the world with a power generation capacity of 367 MW.
  • The Greater Gabbard Wind Farm, completed in 2012 on shallow sandbanks 14 miles off the coast of Suffolk, England, in the North Sea, boasts 140 turbines and produces 504 MW of power a year, making it the current largest offshore wind farm in the world.
  • The London Array wind farm currently under development will produce 1000 MW and power up to 750,000 homes which is about 25% of greater London.
Greater Gabbard wind farm

The Greater Gabbard Wind Farm

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