World’s Cutest Train ‘Hello Kitty Bullet Train’ Of Japan

By: | November 13th, 2018

Image by tyouboxJR on YouTube

A Hello Kitty-themed “shinkansen” bullet train has debuted in Japan. Launched in June this year, Hello Kitty Shinkansen will run until November. The purpose of the Hello Kitty train is to encourage tourism in the western Japan.

Running between Osaka and Fukuoka, this cute train features carriages adorned inside and out with images of the feline character that most of East Asia loves.

The first carriage of the Hello Kitty train does not have any seats; it’s a specialty shop called the Hello Plaza offering regional souvenirs and specialist items.

The second carriage also doesn’t have any reserved seating; it features Hello Kitties of all sorts where fans can take pictures. It also features a large replica of Hello Kitty dressed as a train conductor.

The rest of the train has standard carriages but completely done up in Hello Kitty theme from carpets to the head rests.

Hello Kitty’s ribbon serves as the train’s main motif. These pink ribbons appear everywhere on the train, can even be spotted in the washrooms.

Here’s a look at what it’s like to ride the train:

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