The World’s Best Designed Public Toilets

By: | December 16th, 2015

Gold Standard for Best Designed Public Toilets

Gold Standard for Best Designed Public Toilets (Image Courtesy

Public Toilets: Pit Stop or Architectural Marvel?

This certainly isn’t a glamorous topic, but what designers and architects do with the most mundane and uninspiring structures, such as a public toilet, says a lot about people in general. Public toilets can be found in parks, train and bus stations, department stores, fire stations, restaurants, and more, but not all are created equal, nor are the equally accessible.

Given today’s wide availability of smartphones and apps including “Flush Toilet Finder,” it’s easier than ever to find toilets as well as review ratings on how clean and busy they are.

For those who don’t know such things, November 19th, 2015 was “World Toilet Day.” All around the world, governments and municipalities work hard to continually improve sanitation, comfort, and accessibility. The world’s governing body for toilets, if there is such as thing, is the WTO – not the world trade organization – but the World Toilet Organization (WTO), which keeps track of best practices in cleanliness, maintenance, and design.

DesignCurial‘s annual top 10 best designed public toilets in the world for 2015:

10. Gdansk – designed by Schleifer & Milczanowski Architects:


Public-Toilets (Image Courtesy

Public-Toilets (Image Courtesy

9. Jinhua, China – designed by DnA Design Architecture:

Public Toilets Jinhua, China

Public Toilets Jinhua, China (Image Courtesy

8. Hiroshima, Japan – designed by Future Studio

Public Toilets Hiroshima

Public Toilets Hiroshima (Image Courtesy

7. Uster, Switzerland – designed by Gramazio & Kohler

Public Toilets Switzerland

Public Toilets Switzerland (Image Courtesy

6. London, UK – designed by Gort Scott

Public Toilets Gort Scott

Public Toilets Gort Scott (Image Courtesy

5. Austin, Texas – designed by Miro Rivera Architects

Public Restrooms Trail Restroom

Public Restrooms Trail Restroom (Image Courtesy

4. Lofoten, Norway – designed by Manthey Kula Architects

Public Toilets Roadside Reststop

Public Toilets Roadside Reststop (Image Courtesy

3. Wellington, New Zealand – designed by Studio Pacific Architecture

Public Toilets Kumutoto

Public Toilets Kumutoto (Image Courtesy

2. Miki-City, Japan – designed by Shuhei Endo Architect Institute

Public Toilets Miki-City

Public Toilets Miki-City (Image Courtesy

1. Sydney, Australia – designed by Lahz Nimmo Architects

Public Toilets Centennial Park

Public Toilets Centennial Park (Image Courtesy

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