WiTricity: Re-Charging Devices & Vehicles Wirelessly

By: | April 19th, 2015

IndustryTap has reported on electromagnetic harvesters, WiTricity wireless energy transfer, and Nicola Tesla, who started it all.

Over-the-Air Wireless Power Transfer

The company most noted for advancing Tesla’s idea of the wireless transmission of energy, WiTricity, has developed a near-field resonance technology that allows the charging of multiple devices that have different power needs, including automobiles.

Since our last article, WiTricity has teamed with Intel to join the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and to work on “Rezence” wireless charging technical standards and specifications. A4WP has since launched its global Rezence certification program and begun certifying submissions of products.

Saying Goodbye to Gas Stations, Hello to Resonant Wireless

In a major development, CTEK Sweden has signed a patent license agreement that will enable CTEK to begin commercializing the wireless charging systems in industrial markets, including transportation. CTEK is a top manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. In fact TESLA motors is now working on a wireless charging solution.

Following is an overview the technology.

WiTricity products use “near field resonant inductive coupling,” achieved through the creation of magnetic fields transmitted between primary and secondary coils, one in the device being charged, and the second in the charger.

Following is a recent demonstration of WiTricity.

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