Wireless Power Magic: Power Mole Transmits Electricity Through Window Glass

By: | April 5th, 2024

Image courtesy: Acqua Industries

Have you ever dreamt of ditching those pesky wires and powering your outdoor devices from the comfort of an indoor outlet? Imagine keeping your security cameras or decorative lights running brightly without drilling holes or spending a fortune on professional installation. Well, dream no more! The ingenious Power Mole makes this a reality. Thanks to this innovative device, you can say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to a hassle-free way to manage your outdoor power needs.

Say Goodbye to Outdoor Power Hassles

The Power Mole ingeniously delivers 10 watts of electricity wirelessly through window glass, enabling indoor outlets to energize outdoor devices. Drawing upon the inductive coupling technology found in wireless smartphone chargers, this invention fills a crucial niche in the market.

Crafted by Peter Bevelacqua, a visionary inventor based in California, the Power Mole addresses the common dilemma of powering outdoor devices like security cameras or decorative lights when outdoor outlets are absent. Currently featured in a Kickstarter campaign, it promises to revolutionize how we power our outdoor electronics.

Image courtesy: Acqua Industries

Seamless Power Transfer: How Power Mole Works

The system comprises two puck-shaped components: the transmitter, affixed to the interior surface of a window pane, and the receiver, attached to the exterior. The transmitter connects to an indoor household outlet, while the receiver is USB hard-wired to the outdoor device, facilitating seamless power transfer between indoor and outdoor spaces.

In the event that the transmitter is unable to establish a connection with the receiver, it activates an automatic shutdown feature to conserve electricity. Moreover, the system’s functionality extends beyond glass, as it can effectively transmit power through various non-metallic materials like wood.

Kickstart Your Outdoor Power

The Power Mole offers a solution for outdoor power needs, particularly for devices with USB or 5-volt inputs. Available through a Kickstarter campaign for US$59, it includes the transmitter, receiver, as well as adhesive pads for installation, with plans for international availability. This technology represents a notable advancement in wireless power transmission

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