Wingjump Gives You the Feeling of Being Lifted While Skiing Downhill

By: | October 18th, 2016


It seems like with all the daredevils out there these days and the ability to post insane videos to social media in a jiff, we’d already have people out there wearing wingsuits while skiing.

Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I’m extremely surprised there’s not some Red Bull video of a skier just flying off the side of the mountain and then relying on his or her wingsuit to propel them back to the ground.

A new product on Indiegogo called the Wingjump is kind of along those lines as it is essentially increases your airtime as you go off jumps while skiing.

It won’t really whisk you away completely, but it certainly helps people hover above the ground while skiing downhill.

While some people might look at the Wingjump as somewhat a sketchy or dangerous product, the creators of it beg to differ.

They say the Wingjump can double as a drag chute, which actually makes sense, allowing the user to control their speed and hang time while soaring downhill.

Check out the Wingjump Indiegogo campaign if you’re interested in donating or simply want more information.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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