Why You Should Consider Concrete Floors for Your Home

By: | September 24th, 2020

Image by khiem tran from Pixabay

Concrete may not be the first material that comes to mind when you are considering laying new floors in the home. It’s viewed as cold and soulless, and as a largely industrial material. There are many more beautiful and natural flooring materials than concrete, after all. So why is it so popular? Why is concrete fast becoming the must-have material in homes? What is it that makes it so special? There are many questions asked about the use of concrete, but when you find it used in luxury homes as a matter of course there has to be something to it!

The simple fact is that concrete is a durable material, and it can also be surprisingly cost-effective to lay. People are beginning to see the merits of what was once considered unsuitable for interiors. Use concrete in the garage and yard, by all means, but not inside the house! That line of thinking is far in the past now, and there are many reasons why. Here is our list of why concrete is a great choice for the floors in your home.

Durability – the reason concrete is used as flooring in industrial and commercial settings is because it is very durable, hard wearing and not prone to be damaged easily. In the home, this is even more of a bonus. Walking on a concrete floor will not damage it, no matter what shoes you are wearing, and it will take all the hard knocks that come with a floor that takes heavy traffic. A long-lasting concrete floor will outlast any wood or vinyl and is worth checking out.

Versatile Design – concrete is dull, grey, and boring, right? It can be, but it doesn’t have to be! Concrete can in fact be made to look incredibly beautiful by way of a number of procedures. A smoot concrete floor that has been polished – there are special techniques that experts such as Lowell Russell Concrete use to bring up a magnificent finish – looks superb. Or you could choose to put designs in the floor using stamping or etching techniques. Concrete can also be stained if you want to color your floor. All of these are great ideas that add appeal to concrete and make it a surprisingly attractive flooring option.

Low Maintenance – a concrete floor is a low maintenance floor. With wood floors you will need to clean them often, and repair chips and cracks regularly. A concrete floor is easy to clean – just use a mop for those stubborn marks, and a brush otherwise – and if you have pets are the ideal way of keeping those annoying hairs at bay. You may wish to seal your floor for a longer life, and this is advised if you have a polished floor. Once done, you’ll only need to attend to it every now and then. Concrete floors make your life a lot easier!

Affordability – concrete is not an expensive material, and laying a concrete floor is surprisingly cost-effective. Once it is down, that’s it, and while you will pay extra for etching, stamping, or polishing, it’s a one-off payment for a floor that may well last a lifetime. You’ll be surprised how beautiful concrete floors can look when they are finished, and we recommend a polished floor for large rooms as they add a fantastic effect.

Once you start to look at concrete floors you will understand why they have become so popular of late. They are the flooring of choice in high-end homes, so why not join them and have concrete floors laid in your home!


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