Why are Salvage Cars so Popular?

By: | August 2nd, 2022

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Salvage cars are becoming increasingly popular among buyers. There are plenty of salvage cars for sale online, but why would you want to buy a vehicle with a salvage title? To understand why people may be interested in buying a car with a salvage title, it is important to understand what a salvage car is. 

A salvage car is a motor vehicle that is generally damaged due to some type of accident. The way a car is issued a salvage title varies by state, province, or territory. Typically it is a used or a wrecked car that an insurance company deems a total loss. Due to the extensive damage, the insurance company will not pay to fix it up, as the cost of repairs far exceeds its market value. 

However, it will often be sold at an auction or on an auction site with a salvage title. For buyers, this is a win. Not only can they get a car they will be able to fix up, but they can often bid for the car at an extremely affordable price. 

Where can you buy a salvage title car for a great price? There are excellent sites online where you can scroll through some of the best salvage cars for sale and keep reading to learn more about what makes them so popular!

What to Know About Salvage Title Cars

While there are great options on auction sites when it comes to salvage title cars, it is important to properly assess the vehicle you are interested in before bidding. If you check things out properly, salvage cars are a great bargain for someone looking for an affordable option!

  • Ignition – One of the most important things to check is whether or not the ignition system is intact. That will assure you that the car will not rack up costly fixes later on.
  • Airbags – Ensuring proper airbag deployment is crucial if you plan on using the car. Make sure these work and are up to date before using it.
  • Engine lights – Another important aspect to check is whether or not the check engine light indicator works well.

If these three things are intact, then you are better able to assess whether or not the car will be a good fit for you. Checking for other concealed damage is also important. Before the accident, the car could have sustained some damage that may have gone unnoticed. So, prior to making a bid, you should check the vehicle for mismatched parts, different interior parts, and other mechanical issues. Then, make sure that you’ll be able to repair what’s necessary in order to get the salvage car a rebuilt title, so you can get it back on the road.

Salvage Title Popularity

Salvage title cars have quickly grown in popularity due to their accessibility and affordable prices. Not all cheap junkyard cars need to stay in the junkyard! If you are handy and looking for a great project, choosing a salvage title car to repair can be a great experience. However, these cars can quickly become a challenging experience if not handled properly. So, how do you know if a salvage title is right for you? 

Is a Salvage Title the Right Choice for You?

While each person is unique, there are some ways to tell if a salvage vehicle is the right choice for you. Often, these cars will never get back to resale value, even after many repairs. Despite these repairs, in some cases, the vehicles may still fail safety inspection. It will often prove to be a difficult feat to get coverage from an insurance company willing to take on a salvage title case. With that said, there are plenty of benefits that salvage titles hold.

If you know a lot about cars and love to fix them up, you can ultimately save money by making repairs yourself. Plenty of people want used cars. Salvage cars will save you from buying a brand new car at a higher price. They can also be a source of parts to be used for another vehicle you own, and you can even sell them. So, if you are handy with cars and repairs, and want an affordable option, a salvage title vehicle is a great option for you.

Places to Buy Salvage Cars

At this point, you may have realized that a salvage title car is a great option for you. You’re in luck because there are plenty of salvage cars for sale. By searching “used car auctions near me,” you have the opportunity to find online auctions and in-person auctions. But we want to provide you with some of the top online auction sites that can hook you up with the car of your dreams, without emptying your wallet. Below are some of the top options for buying a salvage car:

A Better Bid

This site offers some of the best deals on salvage vehicles you can find online. Regardless of the style, type, price, or condition of the vehicle you are looking for, there’s an option for you. Better yet, they are registered Copart brokers, meaning members on this site are able to bid on wholesale vehicles that are typically only available to dealers. They offer many different vehicle types, makes, and models with over 300,000 vehicles to choose from.

Norwalk Auto Auction

This auto auction has been operating since 1979 and offers several brands of vehicles on the market. They offer auctions across the nation, offering in-person and online bids, so no matter where you are, you’re bound to find a location within driving distance. Each event draws in people from across the nation looking for affordable vehicles, which is just another testament to their trustworthiness as an auction company.


This auto auction site has been operating for over fifty years, collecting and selling cars at great prices. They operate nationwide, with over 500,000 people attending their four annual auctions. The success of these auctions upholds their positive reputation. Those watching on television also have the opportunity to attend events across the United States.

Capital Auto Auction

This auction site offers plenty of opportunities to attend in-person or online events to bet on the car of your dreams. Each week there are live auctions at the four locations across the US where you can participate in person. There is also the option to sell your own vehicles you no longer want or need, so if you have a car you would like to sell, this company provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so.

What to Consider Next

Salvage cars have been quickly growing in popularity due to their affordable prices and simple access to online auctions. At this point, you have probably realized there are a variety of benefits to buying a salvage title vehicle. On top of that, there are plenty of options for where to buy them. 

If you’re looking for a salvage title vehicle, consider one of the options listed above and get your first salvage title today!


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