What You Should Know About Selling Your Car To A Junkyard

By: | December 13th, 2021

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Many things must be considered when you’re selling a car, especially when your vehicle isn’t in excellent condition. Whether you’ve chosen to sell your car so you can buy a better one or because it’s too expensive to keep, you should know what your options are to make the most money.

If you think your car needs major repairs that will cost you more than you’re willing to spend, you should consider selling it to a junkyard. When you sell a car to junkyard, you will not have to make any adjustments and will be able to sell it in its current condition.

Why Should You Sell to a Junkyard?

The car you end up selling might be too old or too damaged to work properly. When your vehicle is too old to function efficiently, it’s unlikely that you will find a buyer who would buy it in its current condition.

Without making significant repairs to the car or replacing essential components that can easily cost hundreds of dollars, you won’t be able to sell the vehicle for a profit. However, when you sell a car to a junkyard, the car’s condition won’t be a factor at all.

The junkyard you end up selling to will only consider what components inside the car are still functioning, and those that aren’t, will be regarded as scrap metal instead. Cars can have a lot of precious metals and materials inside them that are hard to come by. This also makes them so attractive to junkyards.

What You Need

When you sell a car to a junkyard, you need to ensure that you have all the documentation prepared ahead of time. It can simplify and make the process efficient for both you and the junkyard employees. You will require a title deed to the car in your name, but if that isn’t available, many junkyards accept alternate documentation as well.

It can include:

Depending on how much customization you’ve done to the car, you might need to remove any personalized names or decorations inside the vehicle. Just ensure that you’re leaving the car in a clean state.

Know How Much Money You Can Make

If you’ve decided that selling your car to a junkyard is best, you need a rough estimate on how much money you can potentially make. You can check out websites like Cash Car Buyers (https://www.cashcarsbuyer.com) to find comprehensive information about selling to junkyards, but here are some general pointers that you should be aware of:

  • Visit all junkyards around a 20-mile radius from your location so you can get accurate quotes
  • Ask them various questions about documentation needed and how the car will be transported to the junkyard
  • Check the price difference between working and non-working cars
  • See if the prices are negotiable
  • Understand how they price your car
  • Check rates online to see if you’re getting similar rates

Additionally, you could also consider contacting national junkyard services that function online to get additional quotes on your car.

Consider Selling for Parts

When you’re unsatisfied with the rates offered by various junkyards, you could also consider selling your car in parts. Sometimes, because your car could be considerably damaged, it might not have as much value as a whole.

However, when you’re selling for parts, you might have to do the work of disassembling it by yourself. Depending on what components of the car are still working, you can list these parts (like transmission, bumpers, etc.) online or contact other services in your area to find out prices.

Consult An Expert

Before selling a car to a junkyard, you should know whether you’re making a loss or profit on your vehicle. Getting it checked by a mechanic or an expert can ensure that you know what needs repairs and what can be sold in your car. Sometimes, junkyards can try to lowball you if they figure out you don’t know anything about cars or car components. Having an expert opinion will help you avoid such issues.

Know What Will Happen To Your Car

When you’re selling your car to any junkyard, you must sell it to a trustworthy junkyard that won’t use unethical ways to sell it to others. You should consider removing any functioning components of the car and selling them yourself to make more money if you feel like the junkyard isn’t a viable option.

Always be cautious when you’re selling your car to a junkyard because they can try to scam you of money if you’re not careful.


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