What is The Future of IT Consulting?

By: | September 13th, 2019

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If you were to become an IT consultant today, what should you know? What trends should you pay attention to, if you wanted to be certain that your IT skills were up to date and in-demand?

IT consulting is an undeniably broad field. Two people with noticeably different backgrounds and skillsets can become equally successful consultants. That makes predicting trends difficult. Still, it’s important to understand what the future holds. More importantly, you should know what to focus on when it comes to developing your skillset. In this piece, we’ll explore the future of IT consulting.

The Demand For Data Analytics Specialists Will Continue to Grow

Businesses are now collecting, storing, and sometimes even purchasing huge batches of data. Unfortunately, in its raw form, that information isn’t very useful. It takes an expert to massage that data into something useful, then analyze it. In the future, IT consultants who specialize in data analytics will be in high demand.

IT Consultants Will be Needed to Implement 5G in Businesses

There’s a lot of hype surrounding 5G. The problem is that many businesses don’t understand how 5G has the potential to help them. Even when they do, they aren’t sure how to implement it. These companies will need IT consultants who are skilled in 5G technology to help them imagine possible applications for it, and to actually help them implement 5G in ways that work for them.

Artificial Intelligence Has Become Mainstream Technology

In the future, businesses will leverage AI to help them deal with large batches of data, automate processes, and improve customer experience. They will increasingly seek the assistance of IT professionals who can help them implement and use these technologies.

Strictly Technical Types Need Not Apply

Technical skills are important, but it’s your soft skills that will likely guarantee your future as an IT consultant. Technology is ever-changing. What is marketable today, may not be a year from now. On the other hand, the ability to work in a team, or resolve conflict will always be in demand. So will verbal and written communications skills. In fact, IT consultants should have the following written communications tools available to ensure that they are valuable to their clients; Grammarly, BestEssay.Education, Dragon Dictation, WowGrade, and White Smoke.

Businesses Will Leverage IOT Like Never Before

There are currently billions of IOT devices connected to the internet today. IOT devices include thermostats, smart appliances, cars, fitness trackers, and more. Not only do these provide customers with better, more convenient experiences, but they also give businesses access to loads of information.

IT consultants are needed during every step of this process. This includes planning, design, development, deployment, maintenance, security, and data analysis.

Blockchain Will Continue to Make Headway in The Mainstream

Blockchain technology was originally created as a way to facilitate, and track Bitcoin transactions. Over the past few years, it’s been used as a means of securing and documenting a variety of transactions across multiple industries. Blockchain technology is gaining traction in the financial sector, supply chain, entertainment, and more.

Mikayla Matthews, IT manager at Supreme Dissertations says, ‘Working in an industry where privacy and discretion is highly valued, it’s difficult not to get excited about the potential for blockchain to help us provide a more secure, more discrete experience for our customers. It’s easy to see how an IT consultant with these skills could essentially write their own ticket.’

Final Thoughts

Successful IT consultants will always pay close attention to emerging trends. Then, they will react to these changes by adding to their skill sets, and offering clients the services they require in order to remain competitive.

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