What is an Industrial Embroidery Machine

By: | June 7th, 2021

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Whether you want to start a business right from your home or expand your enterprise across different workshops, an easy-to-use machine can help you achieve your dreams faster. If you are searching for the best embroidery machines that could be the perfect business partner in your creative start-up, an industrial embroidery machine would be the way to go.

Look at the different features an embroidery machine fitted for industrial use comes with, and how it is different from your home embroidery machines.

Features of an Industrial Embroidery Machine

According to a report, the US commercial embroidery service industry, measured in revenue, stands at $860.9 million as of 2021. You can excel in the embroidery business when you have the right tools at your disposal to help you execute your creativity.

Here are some features you’ll find in embroidery machines used for industrial purposes.

Large Field Size

The sewing field is the area inside the hoop wherein your design is stitched. In small embroidery machines, the sewing field could be limited to 4″ x4″ depending on the model you are using. In an industrial machine, you get access to a larger sewing field. Depending on the model you purchase, this field size could go up to 8″ x14″.

A pro tip would be to ensure your design can comfortably fit inside the hoop sizes offered.

Control Panel

You can control how the machine operates with an easy-to-use interface. Using the intuitive touch screen panel, you could start, stop, select the hoop, color, needle, design, or select the font you want to embroider.  

Multi-needle – 12 and Above

A multi-needle embroidery machine typically has multiple heads that hold needles. These separate needles can be threaded with different colors, depending on your design. With an industrial machine, you get 12 needles to get your design on the material of your choice.

You can thread the needles beforehand, depending on the design you want to embroider. No more time is wasted re-threading needles between different project designs.


Another advantage of buying an industrial machine is that you can access multiple hoop sizes that you can use for specialty designs. A hoop is a device with an inner and outer ring that tightly grips the embroidering material. These hoops push the material to the bottom of the inner ring against the sewing bed, keeping them stable.

You get access to various hoop sizes ranging from 2.4″ x1.6″ for monogramming small pockets and cuffs to 14″ x8″ for embroidering large designs.

USB and WiFi Connectivity

With the help of a drive, you could store 1000 embroidery designs for your use. Plugin the USB drive, and you can get your machine to embroider a design of your choice. These industrial machines also come equipped with WiFi, meaning you can send your machine designs from anywhere over the internet.

If you handle the creative aspect of the business, you could make sure you have the right design embroidered for your project by sending the design plan over the internet. There is no need for you to be in the same room as the machine.

Automatic Color Change

Owing to the multi-needle feature of the industrial machine, you can instruct the device to use a needle with a specific color depending on the design. You can thread the needles with the colors of your choice, program the instructions, and use the 12 different needles with 12 colors without needing to stop the machine.

Auto Trim

An industrial machine will automatically trim the bobbin thread from the needle when it makes a jump from one area of the material to another, or it has to perform a color change. Again, this feature ensures your machine can work on complex designs without the need for you to step in.

Cap Embroidery

Embroidering a cap can get tricky with a home embroidery machine. But the task becomes more manageable with an industrial machine as they come equipped with specialized cap hoops. These cap frames come in wide frame sizes of up to 270 degrees.

How Does an Industrial Machine Fare Against a Home Embroidery Machine? 


An industrial embroidery machine comes with a 5-year warranty period. These machines are built to last. They are fitted with the best features to serve an embroidery business, not compromising on design or time. These machines undergo several rounds of testing to ensure the product is working as expected.

Qualified Tech Support

Buying an industrial machine for embroidery is not a one-off experience. Vendors of these industrial machines will support you with online training, maintenance videos, and technical support. The customer support staff understands how the machine works and is equipped with the technical expertise to handle your queries.  

Made to Run All Day

As mentioned earlier, these machines are built to last. Undertaking embroidery as a business requires proper planning and effort from your end. You can no longer pursue embroidery as a hobby, and the machines you use should facilitate your projects.  

The number of projects you can complete in a day determines how successful your business could be. An industrial machine is designed to run all day while maintaining optimal performance at all times.

Why is Warranty Important?

A warranty is a form of manufacturer’s assurance that the product they are offering is of the highest quality. It has been tested for its performance, and the product is free from any manufacturing defects. In case of any manufacturing issues, the manufacturer will replace or repair parts, depending on their terms and conditions.

A warranty is essential as investing in an industrial machine for embroidery is cost-intensive. A 5-year warranty assures you the product you are receiving has been tested and is free of issues. It also provides you with a backup that you have the manufacturer’s support in dealing with any problems that may arise.

An industrial embroidery machine can change the face of your creative business. You could leverage various features such as multi-needle, cap frames, different hoop sizes, touch screen control panel, USB, and WiFi connectivity. Expand your business with an embroidery machine built for tomorrow.


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