What Do You Need to Think About When Choosing Your Next Company Car?

By: | December 11th, 2020

Image by Jay Lamping from Pixabay

Has the time come to choose your next company car? It doesn’t matter if this will be your first time or if you’ve been doing this for years. You still need to think about the same things to get the right balance of business image, practicality and value for money. On the face of it, getting a new company car can feel like a great position to be in. Make an uninformed choice, however, and you could be left dealing with the negative impact of your decision for a long time to come.

Here are some of the key points you need to consider when choosing your next company car.

How much tax will you have to pay?

For many motorists, this can be the biggest downsides to having a company car. In the UK for example you must pay tax on your company car if you use it for personal reasons – and this includes commuting to and from work each day. The amount is based on factors such as the car’s list price and its CO2 emissions. It’s also on top of other tax you have to pay as a motorist – such as Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax).

The type of journeys you’ll be taking

From a practical point of view, it’s always worth thinking about what types of road journeys you take. For urban driving, a compact model may be the better option. If you travel long distances on motorways, however, personal comfort comes more into focus.

The good news is that most car makers offer various models to cover all bases. It means you could head down to your local Vauxhall dealership, for example, and find the right car for the journeys you’ll be making.

Keeping your car fuelled – or powered

Petrol, diesel or electric? There’s more riding on your choice of fuel type for your next company car than which pump – or plug – you’ll be needing. You should give careful thought to efficiency because fuel is one your biggest running expenses. It’s a case of “the further, the better” when it comes to how far your car can go a single tank or charge. You might now even be tempted to switch to an electric car amid government efforts to move drivers away from petrol and diesel.

The right balance of style and substance

It’s not a good idea to pick a company car based purely on looks alone. Even the most striking and head-turning models are next-to-useless if you can’t trust its reliability and handling. That doesn’t mean you have to go too far the other way, however. After all, some company cars do need to make a statement and potential clients may well associate your business with that all-important first impression that your company car makes.

Getting connected and staying connected

Inside the cabin, there’s no shortage of trim options and extra features that you can add onto the list price of a company car. But there are features that are less essential than others when doing your job. One feature that is a must-have for business reasons is Bluetooth connectivity. If your next company car is going to act as an extension or substitute for a workplace, being contactable on the move is vital. And that’s what you get with hands-free connectivity.

These are just some of the points that you should consider when you come to pick your next company car. But each individual is unique and so too are the reasons you might choose one make and model over another. Still, it’s important to make your decision with your eyes wide open to all the various factors involved. That way, you’ll know your choice is the right one.


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