5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the World Around Us (Both Digital and Physical)

By: | July 25th, 2022

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a human creation unlike any other. Experts say that AI can be millions of times smarter than any human.

We are increasingly using artificial intelligence, which is changing our world and lives in ways many people cannot fathom or imagine. AI is raising questions we need to quickly answer for the sake of human existence on the planet.

The following are ways in which artificial intelligence is shaping the world around us: 

Data Management

Before the creation of the computer, people had to collect, organize and analyze data manually. Those processes become much easier with advances in computer technology.

The natural progression has been that AI is now responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. Most people will submit data online, and companies with billions of users, like Facebook and Google, cannot manually handle the data.

Therefore, AI is the best option for such companies, which is why they have used data efficiently to their advantage. Big data is big business; hence AI is affecting many processes in commerce without many people even being aware of it.

Artificial Intelligence is Increasingly Used by Software, e.g., Website Analytics Platforms.

Humans also use plenty of software daily, and people interact more with technology nowadays than people do. At home, school, and work, you will constantly interact with various software, whether from personal devices or public ones like traffic cameras.

AI is increasingly being used by such software. Website and app owners, in particular, are using AI for website analytics. The best web analytics tools like Fullstory and Google Analytics need a lot of data to inform app and website managers about user behavior.

AI can quickly sort through data, perform calculations and provide insights to website and app owners, which would take humans much longer.


The people who do machine learning are the ones responsible for the development of artificial intelligence. They are teaching AI how to do human jobs, and artificial intelligence is getting increasingly good at it.

It has led to many jobs as companies find it easier and cheaper to give jobs to AI. Companies can use AI to automate various tasks at organizations that humans previously did.

Therefore, you can expect more jobs humans are currently doing by AI in the future, meaning increasing levels of unemployment for people. 

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturers are constantly looking for more efficient ways to perform various processes. Since the invention of the assembly line, technology has been the leading solution to the problem of increasing efficiency.

Artificial intelligence is now increasingly being used in manufacturing and changing how humans build things. AI is being used in many ways, including improving consistency in quality control, streamlining manufacturing supply chains, equipment maintenance, and increasing productivity. It is literally changing the physical world and is evident in the products we use. 


Artificial intelligence is also playing a significant part in the security industry. One way in which it is changing the world is that it is making surveillance much more efficient.

Monitoring thousands of people on the street was almost impossible for humans but is manageable with AI. Security systems now include AI, which can improve security by automatically recognizing danger, activating responses, and implementing countermeasures.

National security programs, including nuclear weapon guidance systems and others, rely heavily on AI. 

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and will continue to change our physical and digital lives. AI is used in security, manufacturing, data management, jobs, and software. It would be best to learn how AI is impacting your life specifically, and you will be astounded at how prevalent its current use is.


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