Watch a Ferrari F12berlinetta Drifting Tear Through 5 Sets of Tires

By: | November 3rd, 2014

The $330,000 Ferrari F12berlinetta Drifting is a mean machine to say the least and a recent video review by /DRIVE stars Chris Harris shows off the coolest features of the F12.

Harris talks about the car for a few minutes before he begins driving but once he does, he rips through 5 different sets of tires!

The Ferrari F12berlinetta is equipped with a V12 engine, capable of putting out over 700 horsepower. Incredibly, in the video, Harris drifts in the F12 at speeds upwards of 98 miles per hour.

Skip to 5:00 to see Harris begin driving on the Anglesey Circuit, in Wales.

Marshall Smith

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