Watch a Drone-Mounted Flamethrower Absolutely Torch a Holiday Turkey

By: | December 13th, 2015


You may remember Connecticut teenager Austin Haughwout from his drone-mounted handgun video that caused a bit of a stir.

Well, now he’s back with another crazy engineering idea, a drone-mounted flamethrower designed to roast a holiday turkey.

Roast is a bit of an understatement because the drone-mounted flamethrower pretty much torches the turkey, but hey, I get he’s going for YouTube views.

Luckily, Haughwout lives somewhere in Connecticut where he can build gun and flamethrowing contraptions without putting others in harm’s way, but I definitely would not recommend trying this at home.

In fact, flamethrowers are completely outlawed in some states so I’d imagine a drone-mounted flamethrower would be extremely frowned upon.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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