Watch Burning Man’s 72- Foot Tall ‘Embrace’ Structure In Flames!

By: | September 3rd, 2014

Trey Ratcliffe

A massive structure of a man and woman called “Embrace” was ceremoniously burned to the ground at the festival last week, leaving attendees and those watching the live stream online in awe.

Embrace is 72 feet tall and took 160,000 pounds of wood to complete, built by The Pier Group with a lot of help from volunteers and a Kickstarter campaign.

The flames engulf the 26-foot heads and work their weigh down the structure.

Excerpt from the Embrace website:

“To make this whole operation happen we have independently raised funds, held fundraisers, used coordinators/volunteers, sold swag, operated a website, run advertising, created proposals, written grants, solicited transportation; engaged design, build team and lighting crews. In all, it has taken thousands of people-hours.”

The building of Embrace:

Watch it burn:

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