Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade for Sacramento

By: | April 26th, 2015

California’s EchoWater Project is so named to reflect the desire to return clean, clear water to the environment just like sound waves echo back to their original source.

For a bit of perspective, here are the world’s ten largest wastewater treatment plants:

  1. Stickney Water Reclamation Plant, Chicago, capacity 1.44 billion gallons per day.
  2. Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant, Boston, capacity 1.27 billion gallons per day.
  3. Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant, Detroit, capacity 930,000,000 gallons per day.
  4. Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant, Shanghai, China, capacity 528,000,000 gallons per day.
  5. Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works, Hong Kong, capacity 455,000,000 gallons per day.
  6. Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plan, Los Angeles, capacity 450,000,000 gallons per day.
  7. Gabal el Asfar Wastewater Treatment Plan, Cairo, Egypt, capacity 449,000,000 gallons per day.
  8. Seine Aval Wastewater Plant, Paris, France, capacity 449,000,000 gallons per day.
  9. Morigasaka Water Reclamation Center, Tokyo, Japan, capacity 400,000,000 gallons per day
  10. Blue Planes Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, Washington, DC., capacity 370,000,000 gallons per day.

Twice the Cost of Sacramento International Airport

In Sacramento County, California, the EchoWater Project is requesting construction management services for the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP) which is planning to upgrade facilities to meet obligations under new stringent treatment mandates by the State of California that were passed in 2010. At $1.6 – $2.1 billion, the upgrade is the largest capital improvement project in Sacramento region history. The plant has a capacity of 181 million gallons of dry weather capacity.

California has a Clean Water State Revolving Fund, which provided low-interest loans for the project. The project will upgrade the sewage treatment plant at the facility and use the most advanced disinfection processes available.

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