Wake Up! Google Glass App Wants to Be Your Late Night Co-Pilot

By: | January 24th, 2014

DriveSafe, the new app for Google Glass, is a life saver … literally. A relatively simple idea and easy implementation provides a safety valve for drivers who struggle staying awake behind the wheel.

DriveSafe references the accelerometer built into Google Glass in order to sound an alarm if the user’s head dips below a certain angle for too long.

Simply say, “OK Glass, keep me awake” and you have your own driving buddy. DriveSafe can even provide directions to a rest area should you doze off multiple times.

For as much backlash as Google Glass has gotten for some of its applications, DriveSafe provides a “virtual buddy” in the car with the potential to save many lives.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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