Why Volvo’s Inflatable Car Seat Will Deflate Bulky Car Seat Manufacturers

By: | April 17th, 2014

Heavy, large car seats could become obsolete with Volvo’s concept. Photo © Volvo

Car seats for children have been in need of an upgrade for a long time. And with all the car seat recalls making the news lately, now may be the time to re-evaluate car seat safety.

As any parent knows, traditional child car seats are bulky, awkward to move and carry and simply aren’t practical fits in many vehicles. Try fitting your standard car seat in the back of your convertible.

Volvo’s new inflatable concept child car seat looks to fix these issues as it can be blown up in merely 40 seconds and deflated immediately after use. Need to move it to another vehicle? No problem. The seat can be stuffed into a portable bag or luggage, making Volvo’s concept seat easy to travel with and take on vacation. No more car seats damaged by the airline!

Weighing a little bit over 11 pounds, Volvo’s concept is approximately 18 x 20 x 8 inches with a five-point harness and is the first rear-facing inflatable child seat of its kind.

Michael Cooney

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