Volvo and Ericsson Believe the Future Involves Watching Netflix While Driving

By: | January 8th, 2016


Everyone and their mother is developing self-driving cars, but who’s thinking one step ahead in terms of the tools those self-driving cars will feature?

Volvo and Ericsson certainly appear to be, as the two are working together to build smarter streaming technologies with lighting fast speed for autonomous cars.

Specifically, they want you to able to watch Netflix while driving in your autonomous car.

Obviously, we’re not all lucky when it comes to having reliable, high-speed cellular connections for an entire commute, so the companies are working to circumvent this issue by creating customized lists of media based on your unique commute and traffic information.

Essentially, the car will take into account the journey, in addition to the connection, to load up enough of each show to ensure a good viewing experience for the duration of the commute.

Anders Tylman, head of the Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center, the R&D lab working on the project, says, “The car will know how long the journey needs to take and can optimize the route and driving control accordingly. With our future autonomous drive technology, we will provide people with the freedom to choose the way they would like to commute.”

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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