Virtual & Augmented Reality Go Beyond Gaming

By: | January 24th, 2016

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (Image Courtesy

Offspring of the Computer Science Revolution

Due to the explosive growth of mobile and search engine technologies, the medium known as augmented reality (AR) is destined to take off, possibly beginning in 2016. What is holding things back is that the technology required to support valuable augmented reality experiences, though evolving and changing, is not quite ready for the mainstream.

The ultimate goal of virtual reality and augmented reality beyond pure entertainment is developing the technology so humans can participate in “reality games” to improve how humans live, work, and do business. How many millions more hours will be consumed in meaningless sword fights or escaping three-headed aliens before the promise of VR and AR are realized?

A Gusher of New Products, Software

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a number of new VR and AR products, headsets, and software were introduced, including Microsoft’s Hololens, a simulated factory work site, a trip aboard SpaceX Odyssey, Smart 3D cameras, 3D surgical training, active listening ear buds, and electronic glasses, to name a few.

The Value of Visualization & Engineering Design Graphics

A few applications that reveal the ultimate value of VR and AR include:

  • building applications for manufacturing and maintenance
  • extending relationships into the afterlife
  • prototyping new products that may one day be 3-D printed
  • improving education

The following video shows the “Top 5 Virtual Reality Gadgets of the Future.”

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