Utopias & Dystopias: Imaginary Cityscapes Of The Future

By: | November 27th, 2014

What will architects, engineers and scientists be doing in 50, 100 or 250 years? What challenges will they be facing and overcoming?

While IndustryTap reports on developments in engineering, science and technology, there is only so far our research and vision will take us. It is clear though, that the world and the people who inhabit it are on the verge of something big and unimaginable: the question is will it be a utopia or dystopia?

While there are futurists who make serious attempts to predict what will happen in the future, it is often artists who are able to see the future most accurately, whether science fiction writers, painters, etc.

Following are five visions of the future:

I.  Furture City Too by Robert D. Brown – looks like Dubai, lots of shinny buildings and a city that goes on forever.

II. Future New York by Vlad Walent Gheneli – decidedly a wasteland, New York is barely recognizable. This is what we might expect if all of the hope we have in the technologies we are building is misguided and nearly everything goes wrong. This could also be a major city devastated by war or a nuclear even.

III. Switchback Overall by 2buiArt – This looks like the termination point, or a station for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.

IV. Futuristic City 7 by Scott Richard – Looks like a Chinese city with more skyscrapers than Shanghai.

V. The Citadel by Mikko Kinnunen – could this be what life might look like inside a Mars habitat in the future?

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