How to Promote Your Technology Website Using Webinar Tools

By: | August 6th, 2020

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Technology is framing its revolution. Wherever you turn, you could find a gadget, today we want to look at an essential way to promote your tech website through webinars. A webinar is an online seminar that people conduct either for educational purposes or generating leads in marketing.

Being in a digitalized world you will see education institutions conduct online seminars daily and business sectors conduct them to drive traffic. When more people join your webinar, each participant trusts you and finds you more popular and reliable. Once you build this trust, you get ‘name and fame’, without any struggle.

The concept is simple, but where do you get started? In this article, we will discuss the top ways to promote your technology website using webinar tools. 

Ways to promote a technology website 

  1. Hello bar

Hello Bar is something you enter on the top of your website. When you display this on your website, and if people find it useful, there is a huge chance of them enrolling in your webinar.

As well as, if your content is effective, they will subscribe to your newsletter. Meaning a new visitor has the potential of turning into a customer. This is a proven method of generating leads.

  1. Social media

Social media is a great friend when it comes to marketing. Make sure to always have your website link in the bio of your social media profile and create detailed posts of the webinar you are offering with a clear Call-to-action(CTA).

  1. Get Partipants to your website

At the end of any webinar, ask the participants to give feedback on it on your website, this will lead them from your webinar to your tech website.

You can also, at the end of the webinar, mention a new featured item or service, they however can find more information about it on your website. Most of the participants will curious about it and want to go check it out.

  1. Choose wisely

Choosing the best webinar tool is important in promotions and participation. If you use a webinar tool that’s being debated for its security issues, even your potential audience will hesitate to join the session.

Hence, you need to discover the most reliable online webinar tool and use it. In short, choosing the best online webinar tools will boost your fame online.

  1. Record sessions

Choose the webinar tool where you and your participant can record it. A lot of viewers like to record sessions and make notes of beneficial details that they can go back to.

It’s also important for you to record your sessions. It can be used in other promotional campaigns or be showcased on your website.
For example, Google meet allows the host to record the complete sessions.

Top 3 webinar tools to use

  1. Google Meet

Google meet, powered by the iconic tech legend, Google is one such important webinar tool. Whenever you conduct a tech-oriented webinar or online workshop, your first choice should be Google meet. It’s trusted by a large number of people, more than any other open source tool currently on the market.

It’s handy, and even a beginner could adapt to its structure and functioning. You can invite up to 250 participants in your meeting. Among these, you can invite up to 100 participants and have a meet of 60minutes for free. As per Google’s new notice, it will remove the time limitation from the 30th of September. So, stay tuned!


  • Enhanced protection
  • Privacy management
  • Invitation feature
  • Share screen (presentations)
  1. Zoho webinars

Zoho is generally used by startups and smaller companies, as they find it cheaper. It’s a webinar software with a modern interface. They do charge $15 per host every month and allow around 25 participants.

When you purchase the $31 per host’s pricing plan, you can add up to 100 participants. It is one of the best webinar software at this price.


  • Cheaper webinar software
  • Excellent customer support
  1. Livestorm

Being a tech website, at times, you will provide online courses. In such a case, it gets recommended to organize and manage classes through it.

The free version only allows 10 participants for 20 minutes. The paid pricing plan at $99 per month, allows you to add 100 participants. To add an extra 250 participants, you will need pay an additional $99.


  • Easy to understand
  • Overall automation is best
  • One of the best online webinar platforms

Why use webinar tools?

  1. Give and gain – Owning a tech website does require you to stay engaged online. It’s a great marketing method and if you can provide valuable content you can gain a large number of new leads.
  2. Growing popularity in live sessions – Most people are finding live sessions more beneficial because it offers the benefit of live interaction to answer their questions. 

Conducting a webinar may look like a child’s play. But, only if you maintain your professional standards will the participants get a positive impact from it. 

Author Bio: Sukriti is an Outreach Specialist at BloggingMile. She’s also a digital marketer with background and passion for technology sales. She helps B2B companies grow online and navigates the complex world of digital marketing.


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