Uses of Calcium Carbonate Limestone in Various Industries

By: | May 19th, 2022

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There are a lot of inorganic compounds that are in existence in the world. People are usually familiar with the products but not necessarily the materials or components that they are made from. Almost all chemical compounds are derived from natural resources. There are a lot of natural resources that can be found across countries in the world. These mineral resources include sulfur, calcium, iron, and limestone among others.

Limestone, in particular, is a mineral resource that exists in almost every country in the world. This resource can be gotten through the process of mining and it is the source of products like hydrated lime, quick lime, paint, cement and building materials. Nonetheless, limestone is made up of a very important substance. 

This is a substance that can be found in limestone, marble, rocks, and chalk. Moreover, limestone as a mineral resource is not completely made up of the chemical compound. Just like every other chemical compound that has a formula; calcium carbonate has its own formula. The formula of this chemical substance is CaCo3; this is so because it is a combination of calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

Properties of Calcium Carbonate Limestone

Just like every chemical blend that has properties for easy identification; the calcium carbonate has its structure and properties that differentiate it from other inorganic compounds. The compound’s properties are quite peculiar as it has a trigonal structure with an odorless smell. It also possesses 9.0 acidity.

Meanwhile, it is not soluble in water. It also shares similar properties with other carbonates that exist. Since it can be found in a geologic setting, it creates the formation of different rocks.

Methods of Extraction

As stated earlier, the compound is a natural resource. The process of extraction varies from one compound to the other. Therefore, there are two major means of extracting calcium carbonate from the ground. The two major ways include the following:


This is the most popular means of extracting all other mineral resources. The natural blend can be gotten underground through a careful removal process. A lot of equipment and skilled experts are engaged in this process.


This is another method of extracting calcium carbonate. The quarrying method involves the derivation of the compound by chipping off limestone, marbles, chalk and so on.

Meanwhile, there is another method of preparing the compound. This is a common man-made option in creating it. This process involves the mixture of two different substances, the Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and the Ground Calcium Carbonate GCC. Check this article to read more on the mining process and man-made formation of the compound.

Use of Calcium Carbonate Limestone in Various Industries

The value of calcium carbonate in the world today cannot be overemphasized. A lot of industries enjoy its benefits as they make use of it regularly. It is used for so many things ranging from construction, paper manufacturing, agriculture and even food processing. The following are some of the industries where the chemical is used:

Health and Medical Industry

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The compound is used as a calcium supplement in the medical field. Medical practitioners and scientists have regularized the use of the compound as an antacid. Asides its multiple advantages in both dietary and health aspects, if consumed excessively it can cause digestive problems.

It is also used to preserve specimens through a process called Perimineralization. The compound is used by pharmaceutical companies in the production of tablets. Most clinics use limestone in the therapeutic treatment of certain diseases.


The versatility of the compound has extended to household use. Calcium carbonate is the main ingredient in some household products like scrubs and other powdery substances for cleaning.

Food Manufacturing

The food industry is one of the industries that make regular use of the chemical substance. It is used as firming agents in canned good items. Food manufacturers use the chemical substance as food additives in products. While it serves as a source of calcium in other products.

Furthermore, the compound has also been employed in the production of animal food and refinement of sugar.

Construction Industry

This is the home of limestone. It is used in this industry to produce building materials. However, it can be used as a material for building wthout mixing in any other thing. It can be cut into slabs of different shapes for use in architecture.

Calcium carbonate has been the major ingredient for manufacturing cement, lime mortars, roofing sheets, floor tiles, builder’s line and so on. It is used to remove impurities from steel and iron. The purification process of steel is usually cumbersome but calcium carbonate purifies iron from the resource, iron ore. Read this article to see the extensive use of the limestone in the construction and architecture industry.

Oil Industry

The chemical substance is often used in the oil and gas industry. It is used to aid the drilling of boreholes and gas wells. Acting as an agent in the drilling process, the compound increases the density of the drilling fluids.


There are a lot of products in our society today. You might be amazed to find out that calcium carbonate is present in even the slightest product. Chalk used on blackboard, diapers, paper, emulsion paints, plastics, adhesives and even ceramics all contain the compound. Carbon carbonate is also a source of special coatings used to paint buildings. The chemical substance is a major component of the above mentioned products.


This chemical substance is used for agricultural purposes. It is used to produce agricultural lime. Agricultural lime is used to neutralize acidic soil so it can be suitable for crop planting.


This chemical compound can be used in so many industries that are not covered above. With the help of this article, you have learnt some of the products that contain calcium carbonate limestone. The benefits of the substance are numerous that is why it has become a much sought-after commodity in the world.


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