UPS Rolling Out 3D Printing Services

By: | December 16th, 2014

Start-ups and small businesses, not to mention precocious children and teens, can now use 3-D CAD software, export an Stereo Lithography (STL) file, take a sip of coffee or kool-aid and head over to their local UPS store and pick up their new professional grade 3-D printed object.

The availability of 3-D printers is a great boon to businesses like the UPS Store, who are continually seeking to provide their customer base with more high tech solutions. Now that 3D printing services will be available, what will UPS provide next, organ printing?

Like any huge company, UPS did a small business survey and discovered a huge interest and potential demand for creating 3D renderings and prototypes as well as business promotional materials. Once the service becomes available in select UPS stores, operators are sure to see a huge demand, if the survey results hold true.

UPS has chosen the Stratasys Uprint SE Plus printer, currently retailing at $20,900, to handle the expected volume and design needs of its customers. UPS has a small business portal that provides details about the new service and a store locator. The first test area for the new UPS 3-D printing service is San Diego.

The following video, from UPS, explains how their service works, the equipment they use and how entrepreneurs, small businesses and others can email or bring a file to the store for 3D printing.

David Russell Schilling

David enjoys writing about high technology and its potential to make life better for all who inhabit planet earth.

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