Uncover Your Cardiovascular Risk with a Simple Swish

By: | August 28th, 2023

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Periodontitis, commonly referred to as gum disease, is linked to health issues like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and preterm birth.

It’s common in the US, impacting 50% of adults. This chronic inflammatory condition harms gums and teeth support. Bacteria can spread through the bloodstream, potentially contributing to other diseases.

Now, the researchers believe that a simple mouth rinse could be used to detect cardiovascular disease.

A study by Mount Royal University revealed that a basic oral rinse might gauge white blood cell levels in healthy young adults’ saliva, without requiring a dentist’s appointment. These levels were subsequently connected to indicators of cardiovascular disease.

Prior research studied oral inflammation and CVD in older populations. This study investigates if milder inflammation in younger individuals affects cardiovascular health.

Intriguing Findings from a Young Adult Study.

In a study involving 28 healthy non-smokers aged 18 to 30 without existing health conditions, medications, or periodontal disease history, researchers explored cardiovascular impact. Participants fasted for six hours and rinsed their mouths with saline.

After electrocardiograms and vascular assessments, high white blood cell levels were correlated with reduced flow-mediated dilation—an early indicator of declining arterial health—and heightened cardiovascular disease risk.

Study Limitations and Future Prospects.

The study has a limited number of participants, further research is necessary to validate the results and transform the mouth rinse into a practical clinical test.

Despite this, the study shows promise, potentially opening the door for the mouth rinse to serve as a screening tool for cardiovascular disease in the future.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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