UberMOTO Has Officially Launched in Thailand Providing Two-Wheeled Rides

By: | March 2nd, 2016


Uber has launched a pilot program in Bangkok called UberMOTO, offering a motorbike ride service to those in the area.

UberMOTO was specifically designed to help people in cities that experience a high volume of traffic congestion, making Thailand, and specifically Bangkok, a perfect choice for the service’s first location.

According to Uber, UberMOTO will work just like its taxi service and be a selectable option within the app for Bangkok users.

UberMOTO drivers will be required to pass background checks, provide helmets to their passengers, and can be paid with either cash or credit.

For now, the rides will be available at a base rate of ฿10 ($0.28), plus ฿3.5 a kilometer ($0.10) and ฿0.85 a minute ($0.02).

The company plans to keep a close eye on how the pilot program goes before expanding to other cities.

Having been to China, experienced the traffic, and seen how many motorbikes are already on the streets there, it would seem like another prime location for UberMOTO.

Michael Cooney

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