Uber Launches ScUber: World’s First Submarine Ride Sharing Service

By: | June 15th, 2019

Image courtesy Uber

After conquering the roads, ride-hail service Uber, now has set its eyes on underwater business opportunities.

Recently, Uber has launched underwater ride-hailing service ‘scUber’ to let its passengers explore the Great Barrier Reef by chartering a submarine.

The way we share Uber cabs, we can also pool the submarine rides. Uber did partnership with Tourism Queensland to launch this new service ScUber. ScUber will let its riders charter a submarine and explore the world’s most extensive coral system — Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. However, this service is available only in Australia.

This exciting excursion is available only for a short period of time from May 27, 2019 through June 18, 2019

One can book this service from an Uber app; you will have to shell about $3000 for two riders. This booking includes a helicopter trip to the submarine’s dive location as well as one hour ride in a scUber submarine.

Passengers will go down to about 20 meters below sea level, where they will get an up close view of the reef with 180-degree views in a battery-powered submarine.

Uber hopes the service will help in conservation of the reef:

Climate change has badly impacted Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Uber aims to raise awareness about the need of protection and conservation of the Great Barrier Reef. Uber plans to donate $100,000 to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to help preserve the delicate coral ecosystem.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how visitors to the Great Barrier Reef embrace this new form of movement and become advocates of the reef for years to come,” said Susan Anderson, regional general manager of Uber, Australia and New Zealand.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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