Transporting Biomass with CRATOS Conveyor Systems Provides 50 Percent Energy Saving Efficiency

By: | August 28th, 2017

As we move forward as a society, the world’s future energy supply will need to continue receiving major contributions from fossil-fired power plants to ensure sustainability.

Correspondingly, power plant operators bear a very high, permanent responsibility for providing trouble- and fault-free base load energy for electricity and heat.

RUD has been recognized as supplier of drive chain and material handling technologies for the supply and disposal of fossil fuels for decades, having developed long-lasting conveyor systems that perform continuously on the battlefield between wear and strength.

Complete, ready-to-use CRATOS conveyor systems are perfect for transporting biomass substrates to the screw conveyor, providing 50 percent energy saving transport efficiency in the process.

Substrate Feeder System Controls

  • Control cabinet with PLC control – signals malfunctions, filling level information, etc.
  • Adjustable cyclic operation
  • Various operating modes (automatic, manual operation)
  • Data can be exchanged with the biogas controls
  • All conveyor components are controlled and monitored centrally to prevent them from moving without a load
  • Can be filled flexibly at any time

Setup and Assembly

Since the feeder system is a modular structure, it can easily be expanded at any time, in addition to being simple to repair. The housing can be positioned at an angle of up to 20 degrees and has adjustable feet for flexible positioning.


Loading the Fermenter

The combination of a drag chain and a large-volume dispensing drum ensure regulated subtrate input with optimal control options.

Not to mention, there are many connection options for inserting the fermenter using various versions of the screw conveyor: inserting from above, below or the side.

The fermenter can be filled from the side and from behind, at any time, even if the distribution system is partially emptied.

Metering Device

A large-volume dispensing drum with rows of aeration spikes reliably aerates various kinds of substrate, enabling you to increase the efficiency of your system, splitting the substrate for an improved fermenting process.

Thanks to the built-in scale and convenient electronic controls with cycle and weight settings, the substrate can be dispensed precisely while not compressing the material being conveyed.

Input quantities: approx. 500 to 2000 kg/h of material (individually adjustable).

Efficiently Transporting Biomass to the Screw Conveyor


Suitable for every season and weather condition, stainless steel casing in the conveyor area prevents corrosion. In addition, sturdy scraper floor technology and round steel chains that are self-cleaning lend to a highly wear-resistant and durable machine.

RUD has the right size of substrate feeder system for every kind of biomass and is the perfect solution for virtually all solid materials including corn, grass silage, dung, waste, and woodchips.

Customer Focus

  • Additional equipment such as feed hoppers and baffle plates available upon request.
  • Standard storage volumes from 25 to 50 m; other sizes also available.
  • Hydraulic tailgates for using vehicles to fill from behind are available upon request.


Energy Efficiency

Efficient double-strand scraper floor conveyor technology uses up to 50 percent less energy and requires as little as 0.1 kW per meter of substrate. All energy is used in the direction of movement, resulting in none being wasted– smoething that can’t be said for traditional moving-floor systems.

Installed electric power: max. 15 kW.


Thanks to RUD’s decades of experience in supplying fuel to and removing ash from biomass systems, incinerators and coal-fired power plants, as well as recycling and waste processing facilities, the company offers coordinated, proven components in durable, self-contained systems.

RUD’s components are highly wear resistant and have withstood the test of a variety of uses time and time again.

RUD’s comprehensive engineering services assist customers in developing a more effective and resilient system, while saving energy with the most efficient conveyor technology in the market.


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