Top 7 Most Amazing Homes in the World

By: | September 28th, 2015

These homes are beyond even your wildest dreams. One with all glass walls, another tucked away in an Appalachian waterfall — these seven stunning designs easily earn the title of the world’s most amazing homes.

1. Bart Prince’s House, Albuquerque, New Mexico

No house designed by Bart Prince would be considered normal but his personal home in Albuquerque is extra unusual. The architect’s abode has been dubbed the “bug house” and “spaceship house” as a result of its unique shape and odd character. The strange tubing on the top is actually a solar heating system, and the spiral staircases that wrap around the New Mexico home connect the tower’s different floors.

2. Woolworth Tower Penthouse, Manhattan, NY

Most penthouses outshine your common condo but the luxurious living quarters at Woolworth Tower are a little more than lavish. The incredible seven-story tall unit boasts 9,400 square-feet of elegance, and includes three bedrooms, a private elevator, and a chef style kitchen with beautiful stone counter tops. The penthouse is priced at a pretty $110 million.

3. House NA, Tokyo, Japan

If privacy is not a priority this glass house in Tokyo is pretty amazing. The home features multiple floors and divides, which make the 914 square foot space seem a lot larger than it actually is. Sou Fujimoto Architects designed this piece of real estate to create a home that optimized natural light in an extremely uncommon and modern way.

4. Fallingwater, Bear Run, Pennsylvania

Built as a mountain retreat for the Kaufmann family in the 1930s, Fallingwater is a 5,330 square foot home residing within a 30-foot waterfall in the Bear Run Nature Preserve. Today the breathtaking vacation house, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, serves as a National Historic Landmark open for public visitation and hosts an array of different camps and creative programs.

5. Flintstones House, Malibu, California

This cave-like Malibu residence, which was once owned by Dick Clark, is often referred to as the “Flinstones home” for its stone aesthetic and prehistoric vibe. It was constructed to resemble a rock formation to lessen the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy’s resistance to Clark building on the natural site. But the architecture itself is not all that makes this home amazing. From this standpoint you can enjoy 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean and catch a glimpse of some of California’s most scenic sites, including Seranno Valley and the Boney Mountains.

6. Slide House, Tokyo, Japan

Kids could be a little more inclined to come down for dinner and heading to work in the morning might not be so bad if you got to slide downstairs instead of walk. In this ultra modern home in Tokyo, that’s a real option. The house features both a traditional staircase and a slide that is adult and kid friendly alike.

7. Bubble House, Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France

This eye-catching structure on France’s Mediterranean Coast is composed of small circular divisions mimicking a cluster of adjoining bubbles. Designed by architect Antti Lovag, the rounded walls and multiple oval-shaped windows were chosen to offer unparalleled views of the French Riviera. The home began construction in the 70s, funded by fashion designer Pierre Cardin, and today the Bubble House is recognized by the French Ministry of Culture.

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