By the Time You Finish Your Bowl of Cereal the Smart Bowl Will Charge Your Gadgets

By: | January 15th, 2014

No more electrical outlets. No more wires. No more searching for chargers.

Everyone has a bowl that sits on a table in their house that becomes a hub for keys, phones, wallets, etc.

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Intel unveiled its ingenious,  “smart bowl,” which turns your everyday junk bowl into a bowl with a built-in wireless charger for a multitude of products. Dump your smartphone or tablet into the “smart bowl” when you get home from work and after you’re done eating dinner, your products are charged.

Right now, the “smart bowl” is a prototype and not a product ready to hit the market, but the simple and sleek design in conjunction with how much use people could get out of this innovative bowl has the public highly anticipating more details on the new idea from Intel.

Check out some of the technical specs of the “smart bowl”:

  • The bowl is 10 inches in diameter.
  • It’s capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously.
  • The “smart bowl” uses magnetic resonance technology.
  • It’s working to be compatible with headsets, phones, tablets, Ultrabooks and 2 in 1s using the A4WP industry specification which is currently being developed.
Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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