The Wheel Just Got Reinvented! Air Suspended Steel Wheels Can Replace Rubber Tires

By: | November 8th, 2021

Image by Pixabay

Many companies have attempted to reinvent the wheel in the past, but nothing seems to have worked so far.

Now, an Arizona-based start-up Global Air Cylinder Wheels (GACW) has successfully developed a new type of wheel called the Air Suspension Wheel (ASW).

Eco-friendly and cost-efficient Air Suspension mechanical wheel is made of steel. The ASW is air-suspended but not by an inflated tube, it is equipped with in-wheel pneumatic suspension through cylinders.

Rubber tires eventually lead to blowouts as the rubber deteriorates, ending up as giant piles of waste rubber. But the Air Suspension Wheel can be reconditioned or completely recycled.

These long-lasting and high-performance steel wheels can revolutionize mining, agriculture, and construction equipment. Here tires get frequently replaced due to major wear and tear. Sometimes replacing in just six to nine months. These frequent replacements become extremely expensive and can cost tens of thousands of dollars each.

The ASW structure is engineered to last the entire lifetime of the vehicle

Although a set of ASW wheels will cost more upfront, it can last almost 13 times longer – out to the truck’s service life. Due to reduced rolling resistance, ASW wheels also require much less energy that means fuel savings.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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